My name is Megan Venn-Wycherley

I'm a Computer Science Education Researcher based at Open Lab, Newcastle University

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I'm proud to be part of Open Lab's Educational Technologies research group, led by Ahmed Kharrufa, where we explore how the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of processes and technologies can bridge the gap between schools and their communities, improving the teaching and learning experience. Through my PhD research, I aim to explore how we formulate meaningful university-school partnerships for computing education, and understand how digital technologies can support the creation, facilitation and maintenance of these relationships.

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During the academic term, one of my favourite parts of being at Newcastle University is providing support on our Human-Computer Interaction courses, delivering lectures, seminars and practical sessions on Introductory Human-Computer Interaction, Advanced Interaction Design and Ubiquitous Computing.

Beyond my work and research, I enjoy tinkering with the BBC micro:bit - a small programmable microcontroller developed to encourage people to engage with computing. My tinkering ranges all the way from articulating robotic hands to IoT-enabled dollhouses, from movement-reactive wearables to micro:bit-based adventure games!


Ecological Models of Computing Education

How do we conceptualise the environment of computing education for young people, and how might we better understand the relationships within it?

Collaborative Computing Curriculum Development

How can researchers create an engaging computing curriculum in collaboration with schools, and how can we share outcomes more widely?

Modern Digital Literacy in the Classroom

In a world underpinned by digital technologies, how do we start to engage young people in discussion about digital social justice, inclusive innovation and a fairer future for all?

The Civic University: Research in the Curriculum

How can we share our STEM research with young people around the world, and make it a meaningful part of their learning experience? What process does this involve?

Engaging STEM Higher Education Students with Computing

Computing knowledge is vital in the 21st Century, yet we struggle to engage non-computing students at Higher Education - how can physical computing address this issue?

Just For Fun: A Place for Everything Else

An overview of the projects, activities and prototypes I've put together over the last few years, through one-off projects with local schools, libraries, and community groups. Or just some of my personal projects!